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Painting is more than a livelihood for the Powell Painting team – passion for the transformative impact of their services is the driving force behind the success and reputation of this Vancouver and North Shore painting company.  Established in 2006 out of a desire to serve painting clients through clear communication, careful planning, and exceptional painting services, Powell Painting has built a reputation throughout Metro Vancouver as the best of the best.

Why do customers choose Powell Painting for their condo painting projects?  First and foremost, the team represents painters, designers, and support staff that are dedicated to collaborating with their clients.  They listen carefully to each of their clients’ unique needs and advise them on the best available painting solutions.  The Powell painting team helps clients choose the right paint for their project and establish painting plans and schedules, manages projects from start to finish, and provides expert advice for any painting project at any stage – when you trust Powell Painting for your condo project, you get the service you need and uncompromised professionalism.

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The Powell Painting – Condo Painters Vancouver process is also built on an unwavering attention to detail.  Floors are fully papered and furniture and substrates are covered with plastic, faceplates and fixtures are removed, and the painting team carefully reviews each surface being painted to eliminate nicks, holes, and blemishes.  Powell Painting only uses the highest quality Benjamin Moore paint, and they are qualified to manage any painting project – whether you’re painting cabinets, baseboards, and molding or every inch of your condo.

Given their collaborative approach and steadfast attention to detail, it should come as no surprise that Powell Painting customers are quick to recommend the team online and to friends, family, and colleagues.  Powell Painting customers are so assured that the team will deliver the highest standard of painting services, they’ll often hand over their condo keys and let the team transform their condo while they are away – imagine the pleasure of discovering a newly painted home when you return from vacation!

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We arrive, prep (covering floors and furniture) and paint while you relax. At the end of the day, we tidy up. On the final day, we will do a walk-through with you and see if any touch-ups are required.